Chris Bell (coridan) wrote in adagency,
Chris Bell

Entry level agency job hunting in NYC

Howdy, all. I'm looking for an entry level position in brand marketing, traffic or whatever else can get my foot in the door at an agency. I prefer account to creative, but will happily work both, including paid and unpaid internships. So, I ask all of you -

(1) Aside from trolling Craiglist, is signing up at the web pages of the various new york majors really worth it? Temp agencies, etc? What is the most time effective and gets the most bang for the buck?

(2) I went to school for an MBA in media management while continuing with my bank operations job, and am just completing my first internship. Is the MBA intimidating to those who hire, thinking that I may demand more than a typical entry level? I usually try to make clear in my cover letters that I'm looking for an entry level position and that commiserate pay is fine, I'm just looking for that elusive "2 years agency experience" that all the jobs seem to want. I really want to work in brand marketing and strategy.

(3) Are there any free resources where I can post up PDFs of adobe work I've done? I'd rather not have to pay for or go through the hassle of setting up my own site (hello dreamweaver!) It doesn't seem that Photobucket or Flickr will take uploads of anything except JPGs and related formats, and I'd like to be able to throw up at least PDFs.

(4) Does age discrimination play a factor? I'm switching careers and 41. Are they looking for fresh scrubbed 20 somethings, or am I being paranoid?

(5) Are there any agencies or firms that deal with MBAs who focus on media or marketing? An MBA recruitment firm that deals with MBAs whom want to have a career in marketing would be ideal.

Thanks, any commentary appreciated.

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